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...By the way, I haven't update this site since about 1997 or so. So just imagine 10 years more worth of stuff.

GPA Productions A Christmas Story Allan Rich, Director
Head First Films Credence Victor Bornia, Director

Electric Avenue Films Barbie: Ponies and Kelly
Barbie: Beauty Horse
Ron Finley, Director
Electric Avenue Films Baby Ruth Ron Finley, Director
Venus/HSI L'oreal Jon Noble, Production Designer
Two Headed Monster Pioneer Rob Crabtree, Director
Disney Jungle2Jungle- Stills Mark Harrah, Director
Planet Pictures Kenny Loggins Jim Shea, Director
Dakota North Amish Paradise "Weird" Al Yankovic, Director
Propaganda Films Prudential Steve Sumney, Production Designer
Propaganda Films Bell South Steve Sumney, Production Designer
Fahrenheit Pop Tarts M. Manson, Production Designer
Cross Link/Time Warner Talk TV Alan Glazen, Director
CEG David Brown Infomercial Dan York, Director
In Finn Ity Cruise Holiday Duane Clark, Director
In Finn Ity Metabolic Trim Duane Clark, Director
Williams Productions Hoover- American Ingenuity Terry Moloney, Director
Proletariat Creative Radio Ahhs! Terry Moloney, Director
Turner Pictures Pagemaster- AFM Marketing Conference Jill Jones, HB Creative Head
MCA Patti Labelle- All Right Now Harri Mark, Director
Cream Cheese Productions Comedy Store 25th Reunion Peter Shore, Director
Proletariat Creative Secret Service Promos NBC Duane Clark, Director
Excalibur Productions Shelf Sergio Polermo, Director
Hawthorne Communications Make the Law Work for You Tim Hawthorne, Director
LimeLight Natalie Cole - The Christmas Song Jose Montano, Production Designer
Dracula Productions Son of Darkness (Feature) Stuart Blatt, Production Designer
Propaganda Films Aerosmith - Janies Got a Gun Alex McDowell, Production Designer
Cooke/Freidman Prods. Grass Valley Switchers Greg Cooke, Director
O' Neil And Assoc. & Disney The Sun Also Rises, Beach,
Thrill Mountain (Including Mechanical EFX)
Jim O' Neil, Director

Jeff Plansker/Propaganda Prudential (Superbowl XXX spots) Steve Sumney, Production Designer
Micheal White/Propaganda Nike: Temple of Flight, Nike: Women's David Fincher, Director
Direction Int'l/Touchstone Father of the Bride - Trailers Jose Montano, Production Designer
Ridley Scott Associates Guns &  Roses - Don't Cry Paul Archard, Production Designer
Plan View Madonna - Blonde Ambition Tour John McGraw, Stage Designer
Propaganda Films Revlon - Cindy Crawford Alex McDowell, Art Director
Jose Montano, Production Designer REM-Losing My Religion, Rod Stewart-Broken Arrow, Nike - Harache Tony Child, Guy, Golden Legs, Gap-What Fits, Wilson Philips, Levis  
OĽNeil And Associates Tyco Toys Miniature Stage Jim O' Neil, Director
LimeLight Brawny Miniature Stage Alex McDowell, Production Designer
Design Studio MAGIC, NAMSB, and permanent showrooms Bob Lewis, Principal
HKM Productions AT+T Teleconference, AT+T - Fiesta KK Barret, Art Director
Strato Films Monteil Perfume KK Barret, Art Director
DreamQuest U.S. Steel P.S.A. Oliver Clark, Art Director
Silvey + Co. Nirvana- Come as You are Oliver Clark, Art Director
Undertakers Incorporated Tales From the Hood Stuart Blatt, Production Designer


Ritts/Hayden Models/Design: Toni Braxton Video Jose Montano, Art Director
O Pictures Art Department Coordinator: Taco Bell 2 spots, Jose Montano, Art Director
RSA Art Department Coordinator: JCPenney 4 spots, Jose Montano, Art Director
Cream Cheese Story Boards: Aerosmith: Crazy, Sweet Emotion Marty Calner, Director
Film Syndicate Alien Nation Spots Hero Props Design Jose Montano, Production Designer
Ridley Scott Associates Toyota Robo Assistant Props Michael Seymore, Production Designer
Reel EFX Mechanical Effects Design and Fabrication:
Nightmare on Elm Street, Brian Setzer - When the Big One Hits the Ground, Favorite Son, Fletcher and Oaks, Kinney Shoes...
Jim Gill, Principal
Jose Montano Paula Abdul/Skat Kat, MTV Competition, HBO Campaign, Karyn White, Pepsi
Scenery West Disney 1991 Store Displays, IBM Spots Ron Antone, Principal
Scenery West Guiness Stout (3) spots for RSA Norris Spencer, Art Director
Scenery West Discover Card (3) spots for Sandbank Jack Wright, Art Director
Show Motion Design/Disney Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Mike Landi, Principal
HKM Productions Minute Maid EFX Design KK Barret, Art Director
Introvision Darkman Modelbuilding Stacy Wexler, Lead
Propaganda Films Converse EFX Design Alex McDowell, Art Director

Syracuse University- Syracuse New York Bachelor of Industrial Design, 1987
UCLA- Los Angeles California Advanced Rendering & Storyboard Art
El Camino College- Torrance California Degree Program
Tampa Technical Institute- Tampa Florida Commercial Art

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