James Vaughn- Illustration Portfolio

A review of my resume will show that I have a strong background in Art Direction, Set Design, and Mechanical Effects. I came into film from Exhibit Design, by way of Product Design, therefore I have a solid base when it comes to presentation renderings as well as construction techniques, materials usage, and fabrication costs. The renderings are essentially to scale, with lens size and the realities of construction, and stagecraft in mind.

What I do in illustration is not so much about fast as it is about accurate. Foreshortening and relative scale are very much what the camera will see on stage. I have found this extra effort especially worthwhile when there is a meticulous director, a shortage of space, or questions like, "is that drop really big enough ?" .

From start to finish I take care to compose a view that really tells the story. I plan ahead as to how light, shade, and color will draw the viewer's eye. My work is about a functional set, a selling composition, and artistic execution... "quick sketches" are not my forte.

I work on 11 X 17" pages, either black and white or in color.The original illustrations are in chalk ,but the delivered piece is a color corrected photocopy which is bright, clean, and longlasting. This final step also allows easy photo reduction for your notebook or faxing, plus multiple copies for meetings, the construction company, agency, decorators, etc..

It's also possible for me to scan the work and deliver it to you by email, or email it to your clents in New York and Japan simultaneously. I have delivered full presentations this way including the director's pitch with hyperlinks to reference images, dimensioned drawings, and of course the set illustrations.


Thanks very much, I hope you like the work.
If I can tell you anything else just email me
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Ph. 323-376-2075

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